Interview with Smacksoft’s Whang Bo Ryung


Interview with Smacksoft’s Whang Bo Ryung

I recently caught up with the prolific and independent artist Whang Bo Ryung, founder and creative presence of the band Smacksoft. This is what she had to say…

In a word, who is Whang Bo Ryung?

“Artist” — but I do not really know why people call me that. I am more like just a person who needs to survive day to day. One of the avengers I would like to say like we all are, haha!

You are a multi-faceted artist – painter, sculptor, poet, musician – how did you start, what was your first inspiration?

It was the nature! I was just a cheerful baby who wouldn’t sit down. I would run around all the time with crayons in my hand towards any wall. Go outside and climb up trees, run as fast as I could, trip ‘n fall down. LOL, you know. The nature itself.

You have already produced a lot of music – I believe it’s 6 albums and 2 EPs. How has your music evolved over time?

SMACKSOFT-2-1024x682I ended up with really truthful band mates over all the time that has passed by. My first album was released in 1998, “A Cat with Three Ears”, and met great people like you. The very precious SMACKSoFT’S MEMBERS:  Drummer Jinsil Suh, too many guitarists to name! Bassist Jiyong Shin, keyboardist Hanul Kang, also our manager Bo K. Choi. I would especially like to thank  Rainbow 99 as a collaborator on my 5th album. Sorry I cannot recall all the members. Oh, the former bassist Jung Hyunseo, but now she went on her own journey to play more music. A lot of people joined and took off and I really thank them for sharing their precious time with me.

If there was a single message you’d like to have conveyed to your audience with your music or art, what would it be?

Paradox, Love 😊

I heard you had an injury and had to take some time off… what have you been up to?

Things happen all the time these days. I visited my family in the states and I felt safe there. But Life is so full of adventures. I enjoy it as much as possible.Smacksoft_Zandari

It sounds like you’re ready to rock again – what’s in store for your fans? 

I am back in Seoul, Korea performing again, now we’re doing the Jandari Festival, we’ll be at Evance Lounge in Hongdae in Seoul on October 4th!

Any chance you’ll be coming to New York?

Probably next year, we’ll have to see…

Any last words for your fans?

The last thing I’d like to say is we need some clean water to share. Our bodies are more than 70% water, we need water to survive. We need to take care of drinkable water for our planet!

Thank you for your time! Take care! 😊