Any Requests?

Hi folks!! 😀

Request any song lyrics you want on-site!! Just leave your comment below and keep updated on our new entries! :

Please copy the new request format onto the comment section below 🙂

Song Title:_______
Hangeul link (if any):___________
Message/Comment (if any):_____________



1. Please credit the original sites (Jetlyrics, RomanizKpop, Boom4u, Pop!Gasa, Youtube subbers, Princess.of Tea, etc.) of Hangeul & Translation as stated at the bottom part of every lyrics. Please credit Princess.of.Tea if you take out the romanization as well.

2. For songs that have no available translation on Internet, especially for K-Indie songs, we request your patience because we are not Korean native speakers, and we aim to only bring out an accurate translation for you. That requires precision and also time 🙂

3. Please limit the request to maximum 2 songs per person in a single comment. You can always come back next time to request your favorite song and we won’t be overwhelmed with work 🙂

4. We are opened to any correction on the translation and romanization. Please notify us!

We hope to see more requests coming up from you! 😀



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