This is not a love song – Whang Bo-Ryung = Smacksoft [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

BoWhang_in_SFIn 2010 Smacksoft’s album Shines in the Dark was nominated for Best Modern Rock Album by the Korean Music Awards. Three years later, Follow Your Heart gave Smacksoft their second KMA nomination.

Here is a beautiful song from Bo Whang that we hope will touch your heart. The music video linked below is awesome – recorded for Naver Onstage at the Sang-Sang Ma-Dang Arts Center in Chuncheon.

This is not a love song – Whang Bo-Ryung = Smacksoft

시원한 바람이 불어 오면
shi-weon-han pa-ram-i pu-reo o-myeon

곁에 입맞추는 햇빛들
nae gyeo-te wa ib-mat-chu-neun haet-bit-dul

순간을 기다렸어요
i sun-geon-eul ki-da-ryeos-seo-yo

설레이며 기다렸어요
seor-le-i-myeo ki-da-ryeos-seo-yo

밝게 웃는 그대여
bark-ke ut-neun ke-dae-yeo

옆에 있어줘요
nae yeo-p’e is-seo-jweo-yo

그대로 있어줘요
ke-dae-ro is-seo-jweo-yo



This is not a love song – Whang Bo-ryeong = Smacksoft

When a cool breeze blows
You beside me kissed by the sunlight
I waited for this moment
I’m thrilled and I’ve waited
Smiling brightly
Stay with me
Stay still
I love you
I love you.

Smacksoft – this is not a love song