빈지노 (Beenzino) – If I Die Tomorrow lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

The intro is epic! I can listen to that part on repeat. Let me repeat myself: on repeat (pardon me, pun intended). It’s just purrfect to shake your body in a slow, chill movement to it. I read in an interview that composer Philtre worked with Beenzino for it – does anyone remember Philtre’s collaboration with Younha? 🙂 On the other hand, the personal lyrics reflect profoundly on Beenzino’s life, from his respect to his stepfather, his love to his mom to seemingly taking a leave from his university (majoring in sculpture) for hip-hop. Beenzino stated in an interview that his mother is a writer (did you know he started to write his own rap in elementary school?), so I guess he might inherit her wordcrafting skill 🙂 The lyrics make me want to spend a night away reflecting my own life though ~

I’ve posted the lyrics from a cover of the song by Ilhoon here and I really like it. I think Ilhoon has managed to give a different colour and nice musical/lyrical addition. Nevertheless, I place high regards in both version for the equally powerful and personal lyrics ❤




빈지노 (Beenzino) – If I Die Tomorrow

오늘 밤이 만약 내게 주어진

O-neul bam-i man-yak nae-ge ju-eo-jin

돛대와 같다면 what should I do with this?

Dot-dae-wa gat-da-myeon what should I do with this?


mmmm maybe

지나온 나날들을 시원하게 훑겠지

Ji-na-on na-nal-deul-eul si-weon-ha-ge hult-gett-ji


스물 여섯 컷의 흑백 film

Seu-mul yeo-seot keos-eui heuk-baek film

내 머릿속의 스케치

Nae meo-rit sok-eui seu-ke-chi

원하든 말든 메모리들이

Weon-ha-deon mal-deun me-mo-ri-deul-i

비 오듯 쏟아지겠지

Bi o-deut ssod-a-ji-gett-ji


엄마의 피에 젖어 태어나고 내가 처음 배웠던 언어

Eom-ma-eui pi-e jeoj-eo tae-eo-na-go nae-ga cheo-eum bae-weott-deon eon-eo

부터 낯선 나라 위에 떨어져 별 다른 노력 없이 배웠던 영어

Bu-teo nat-seon na-ra wi-e ddeol-eo-jyeo byeol da-reun no-ryeok eobs-i bae-weott-deon yeong-eo

나의 아버지에 대한 혐오와 나의 새 아버지에 대한 나의 존경

Na-eui a-beo-ji-e dae-han hyeom-o-wa na-eui sae a-beo-ji-e dae-han na-eui jon-gyeong

갑자기 떠오른 표현, life’s like 오렌지색의 터널

Gab-ja-gi ddeo-o-reun pyo-hyeon, life’s like o-ren-ji-saek-eui teo-neol


If I die tomorrow

If I die die die


고개를 45도 기울여

Go-gae-reul 45-do gi-ul-yeo

담배 연기와 함께 품은 기억력

Dam-bae yeon-gi-wa ham-gge pum-eun gi-eok-ryeok

추억을 소리처럼 키우면

Chu-eok-eul so-ri-cheo-reom ki-u-myeon

눈을 감아도 보오이는 theater

Nun-eul gam-a-do bo-o-i-neun theater


시간은 유연하게 휘어져

Shi-gan-eun yu-yeon-ha-ge hwi-eo-jyeo

과거로 스프링처럼 이어져

Gwa-geo-ro seu-peu-ring-cheo-reom i-eo-jyeo

아주 작고 작았던 미니어쳐

A-ju jak-go jak-att-deon mi-ni-eo-chyeo

시절을 떠올리는 건 껌처럼 쉬워져

Shi-jeol-eul ddeo-ol-li-neun geon ggeom-cheo-reom swi-weo-jyeo


빨주노초 물감을 덜어, 하얀색 종이 위를 총처럼 겨눴던

Bbal-ju-no-cho mul-gam-eul deol-eo, ha-yan-saek jong-i wi-reul chung-cheo-reom gyeo-nweott-deon

어린 화가의 경력은 뜬금없게도 힙합에 눈이 멀어

Eo-rin hwa-ga-eui gyeong-ryeok-eun ddeun-geum-eobs-ge-do hib-hab-e nun-i meol-eo

멈춰버렸지만 전혀 두렵지 않았어 cuz I didn’t give a fuck

Meom-chweo-beo-ryeott-ji-man jeon-hyeo du-ryeob-ji anh-ass-eo cuz I didn’t give a fuck

about 남의 시선, cuz life is like, 나 홀로 걸어가는 터널

About nam-eui shi-seon, cuz life is like, na hol-lo geol-eo-ga-neun teo-neol


내게도 마지막 호흡이 주어지겠지

Nae-ge-do ma-ji-mak ho-heub-i ju-eo-ji-gett-ji

마라톤이 끝나면 끈이 끊어지듯이

Ma-ra-ton-i ggeut-na-myeon ggeun-i ggeunh-eo-ji-deus-i

당연시 여겼던 아침 아홉 시의 해와

Dang-yeon-si yeo-gyeott-deon a-chim a-hob si-eui hae-wa

음악에 몰두하던 밤들로부터 fade out

Eum-ak-e mol-du-ha-deon bam-deul-lo-bu-teo fade out


말보로와 함께 탄, 내 20대의 생활,

Mal-bo-ro-wa ham-gge tan, nae 20 dae-eui saeng-hwal,

내 생에 마지막 여자와의 애정의 행각

Nae saeng-e ma-ji-mak yeo-ja-wa-eui ae-jeong-eui haeng-gak

책상 위에 놓인 1800원 짜리 펜과

Chaek-sang wi-e noh-in 1800-weon jja-ri pen-gwa

내가 세상에 내놓은 내 노래가 가진 색깔

Nae-ga se-sang-e nae-noh-eun nae no-rae-ga ga-jin saek-ggal


까지 모두 다 다시는 못 볼 것 같아

Gga-ji mo-du da da-shi-neun mot bol geot gat-a

삶이란 게 좀 지겹긴 해도 좋은 건가 봐

Sal-i-ran ge jom ji-gyeob-gin hae-do joh-eun geon-ga bwa

엄마, don’t worry ’bout me ma

Eom-ma, don’t worry ’bout me ma

엄마 입장에서 아들의 죽음은 도둑 같겠지만

Eom-ma ib-jang-e-seo a-deul-eui juk-eum-eun do-duk gat-gett-ji-man


I’ll be always in your heart, 영원히

I’ll be always in your heart, yeong-weon-hi

I’ll be always in your heart, 할머니

I’ll be always in your heart, hal-meo-ni

you don’t have to miss me, 난 이 노래 안에 있으니까

you don’t have to miss me, nan i no-rae an-e iss-eu-ni-gga

나의 목소리를 잊지마

Na-eui mok-so-ri-reul it-ji-ma


If I die tomorrow



What if this night is like a sail that has been given to me
what should I do with this?
mmmm maybe
perhaps I’ll glide on the days of the past

26 cuts of black and white film
the sketch in my head
memories, whether I want them or not
they’ll pour down like rain

the language that I first learned after being born covered with my mother’s blood
and English that I learned easily after falling on foreign lands
the hatred I had for my father and my respect for my new father
an expression, life’s like an orange-colored tunnel

If I die tomorrow
If I die die die

I lean my head 45 degrees
my memories rising with the cigarette smoke
when I turn up my recollections like the sound
I can see the theater even with my eyes closed

time bends effortlessly
connected to the past like a spring
it’s easy like chewing gum to remember
the miniature days, so so small

take some colorful paint out of the bottle, aiming them onto the white paper like a gun
a young painter’s career gone astray, because out of nowhere I found hip-hop
but I wasn’t afraid at all cuz I didn’t give a fuck
about others’ opinions, cuz life is like, a tunnel I walk alone

One day I will be given my last breath
Like how the rope is cut after the marathon’s over
From the 9am sun I took for granted
and from the nights I spent focusing on music, fade out

My 20’s that I rode with Malboros
Act of love with the last woman of my life
The 1800 won pen on my desk
and the colors of the songs I put out into the world

All that I don’t think I’ll see them ever again
Life might be a bit tiring but I think it’s a good thing
Ma, don’t worry bout me ma
To you, ma, a son’s death might come as a betrayal

I’ll be always in your heart, forever
I’ll be always in your heart, grandma
You don’t have to miss me, because I’m in this song
Don’t forget my voice

If I die tomorrow

Hangeul: romanization.wordpress.com
Translation: strangeseason.tumblr.com & lyricalmovement.livejournal.com