Silvercord feat. Kim Young Eun – Daydreaming lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

Silvercord is the brainchild of Geoff Nostrant, talented American who transplanted himself to Seoul and spent several years making music, and working as a producer and sound engineer. He describes Silvercord as an “ethereal/space rock/dream pop/ambient project created to emulate the states of consciousness found between sleep and dream.”

Daydreaming is a great song to introduce Silvercord’s music, a dreamy pop song featuring Kim Young Eun on vocals.


Silvercord feat. Kim Young Eun – Daydreaming

교실에 앉아서 창문을 바라봐

kyo-shil-e on-ja-seo chang-mun-eul pa-ra-bwa

내가 있고 싶은 곳, 저 멀리 먼곳에

nae-ga itt-go shi-p’eun kot, jeo meor-li meon-go-se

두눈을 감아요 하늘위로 날아올라

du-nun-eul kam-a-yo ha-neur-wi-ro na-ra-or-la

구름위에 누워 시원한 바람을 느껴

ku-reum-wi-e nu-weo shi-weon-han pa-ram-eul neu-kkyeo

너무 멀리 갔네

neo-mu meor-li gatt-ne

집으로 돌아와 엄마를 기다리다가

jib-eu-ro do-ra-wa eom-ma-reul ki-da-ri-da-ga

잠이 들어요 난 다시 그곳에

jam-i deu-reo-yo nan da-shi keu-go-se

두 손을 펴봐요 따뜻한 햇살을 따라

du son-eul p’yo-bwa-yo dda-ddeut-han haes-sar-eul dda-ra

바닷가에 앉아 파도의 노래를 들어

pa-dat-ga-e an-ja p’a-do-e no-rae-reul deu-reo

조금만 더

jo-geum-man deo

조용히 흘러가는 강물을 지나서

jo-yong-hi heur-leo-ga-neun gang-mu-reul ji-na-seo

달빛을 타고 저 하늘로 올라가

dal-bi-cheul t’a-go jeo ha-neur-lo or-la-ga

별을 따라 저 멀리까지 아름다운 그 곳으로

pyeo-reul dda-ra jeo meor-li-kka-ji a-reum-da-un keu go-seu-ro

구름위에 누워, 시원한 바람을 느껴

ku-reum-wi-e nu-weo, shi-weon-han pa-ram-eul neu-kkyeo

바닷가에 앉아 파도의 노래를 들어

pa-dat-ga-e an-ja p’a-do-e no-rae-reul deu-reo

그 때를 생각해 두 눈을 감고서

keu ddae-reul saeng-gak-hae du nun-eul kam-go-seo

Silvercord – Daydreaming

Sitting in the classroom, looking out the window
Where I want to be is far, far away
Close my eyes, fly high up to the sky
Lay down in the clouds, feel the cool breeze
Have I gone too far?

Came back home, I’m waiting for my mom
I fall asleep and I’m there again
I open my hands, warm with sunshine
Sitting on the shore listening to the song of the waves
I want a little bit more

Passing the river flowing silently
Riding the moonlight in the sky
Going far away following the stars to a beautiful place
Laying in the clouds feeling the cool breeze
Sitting on the shore listening to the song of the waves
Thinking of the time with my eyes closed

Hangeul and Translation: courtesy Silvercord
Romanization: SapoKiko @ PrincessOfTea

Silvercord’s music can be heard on ReverbNation – this is the album “dreaming my life away” – scroll down and you’ll see “Daydreaming feat. Kim Young Eun” —