Welcome to the World of Esthero


Crossfaith – Aug. 1, 2014

The Magical Photography of Esthero

Esthero_ThirdStone Band “Third Stone” – Jan. 29, 2014


Are you a fan of Korean Indie and K-Rock? Would you like to see hundreds of videos of your favorite bands, and some you’ve probably never heard of? How about thousands of the most awesome HD photographs out there? And tweets and Instagrams to find out about the latest gigs as they’re happening?



Lucite Tokki – Oct. 19, 2012


Welcome to the world of Esthero, one of South Korea’s finest rock photographers. Esthero is the stage name of Sangkyun Hong: a chemical engineer in the R&D Department at AkzoNobel. He is also on the planning committee of NAVER On Stage. As you will see from his work, he is a genius at capturing the perfect “musical moment” in a live show, freezing in time a silent tribute to the grandeur of the performance.


Esthero_KimYuna1 Kim Yuna – May 1, 2010


The name “Esthero” comes from a Canadian singer he is fond of, and “Dark Tranquility”, his blog, is named after a Swedish heavy metal band. He has diverse taste in music, enjoying in addition to Korean rock, European metal, jazz, and classical music.

Blog entries are listed by venue date, with the most recent at the top. If your Korean skills are not that great, the blog can be a bit daunting – but not to worry! If you use the page numbers to browse through, you will see that most of the sets have the name of the band translated to English. Besides the wonderful photos, there are also many videos interspersed throughout.

Check out the pictures of Nell here and Wasted Johnny’s breathtaking moments.


His Youtube channel “EstheroKr” has over 500 live concert videos, from many different venues. A great resource for keeping tabs on some of your favorite performers, as well as learning about new and lesser known artists.

Experience Jambinai’s “Time of Extinction” –


Singing along Dear Cloud at Times Square



You can also follow Esthero on Twitter:

And on Instagram:





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