Catching Up With: 루싸이트 토끼 (Lucite Rabbit)

SapoKiko, along with a couple of Lucite Tokki’s biggest fans, recently met up with the musical duo in Hongdae.

From left to right, Tokki fans KiJeong, YeonJi, and SapoKiko, with Cho YeJin and Kim SunYoung (Lucite Tokki).

From left to right, Tokki fans KiJeong, YeonJi, and SapoKiko, with Cho YeJin and Kim SunYoung (Lucite Tokki).

Kiko: Your latest release “Dear Deer” is yet another Christmas Carol – why so many original Christmas songs?

YeJin – Christmas was always such a special time to me when I was growing up, a very happy time. I want to share that happiness in our music, and writing songs about Christmas just seems a natural way to do that.

Kiko: We were very impressed with your recent video of Joni Mitchell’s song “River” – can you tell us why you decided to record that song?

SunYoung – We actually hesitated to upload that video, but we decided to go ahead with it. We’re glad you liked it. Joni Mitchell is an artist that we truly admire.

Kiko: Another of your influences seems to be bossa nova – songs like “Rainy Day” have a real Brazilian sound.

SunYoung – Yes, you’ll find that bossa nova is extremely popular in South Korea, if you go into any restaurant or café you can hear it. We actually used some of the songs of Tom Jobim as the basis for school projects while at university. He was a big influence. But we have many influences, we enjoy all kinds of music. We mentioned Joni Mitchell – I also like the Beach Boys (“God Only Knows” is my favorite song of theirs), but there are many, many others.

Kiko: Your music seems to have changed, from the original Indie-folk, “girlie” sound, to a more electronic sound in your latest album. Can you tell us about that?

YeJin –  Some fans were surprised by Grow to Glow, and did not like the changes to a more electronic, programmed sound. Our music has evolved, and our fan base has not always been happy with the changes, but we have to be true to ourselves. We are constantly evolving as musicians, and we need to be true to ourselves and to our music, and this is the direction that we are taking.

Grow to Glow contains many general aspects of ‘Growing’ and these songs are very personal at the same time. When we decided to make our 3rd album, we were going through a very sad time. It seemed like nothing was going right. Especially, the song named Time to Grow is a really personal song. This song deals with introspection. Looking into myself often makes me mentally listless, but I had to do that again and again. Because at that time, it was the only way to realize who am I and to find the path I should walk along. So basically, all the songs in Grow to Glow stem from feelings of sadness, struggling and a little bit of anger, but at the same time they are hopeful.

Kiko: So what’s in store for your fans now?

SunYoung – We are working on a new EP with two new songs with an acoustic sound, which we should release by the end of January 2014.

Kiko: Is that a step backward, given your move to a more electronic sound with Grow to Glow?

YeJin – Not backwards, no, since we feel there is a powerful message here. In Grow to Glow there was a certain assertiveness, that we know what direction we want to go with our music and lyrics, that is also captured in these new songs, even though they are acoustic.

Everyone has someone, whether family or lover, that is important to them. And even though life can be very hard at times, you know that person will be there waiting for you, whether it’s your mom or your friend. So while there can be sadness at times, there is always hope and love.

Kiko: Anything else for your fans to look forward to?

SunYoung – We also are scheduling a show for sometime in February. And we should have our new album out by the end of the year.

On Saturday February 15th, Lucite Tokki will present a Valentine's Day Concert along with Yozoh and Okdal

On Saturday February 15th, Lucite Tokki will present a Valentine’s Day Concert along with Yozoh and Okdal


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