Get To Know: 스몰토크 (Smalltalk)


여러분 안녕! Welcome to our new segment Get To Know! 🙂
For our first-time ever interview with Korean indie musicians, your admin princessoftea here was given an opportunity to talk and ask Kim Young Min (김영민) some questions about his band Smalltalk. I found out about Smalltalk from KoreanIndie and listened to his 8-track album “Warm Energy” on his bandcamp page. As I picked up an interest in the album, I decided to find out more about the singer and contacted  the friendly Kim Young Min Ssi. Please enjoy this mini interview 🙂


Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is YoungMin Kim. I live in Seoul, Korea and love to eat, draw and sing. 🙂

How was Smalltalk formed? And where did the name ‘Smalltalk’ come from?

Smalltalk is an one man band formed in 2012. I usually performed by myself with an acoustic guitar, however, I wanted to make a heavily produced band-based studio album at that moment and perform as a band in the future so I used Smalltalk instead of using my real name. Also I wanted a short & simple name which could be remembered by people easily and matches my music. One day, Smalltalk just came up to my mind.

Would you tell us more about the album ‘Warm Energy’?

I wanted to bring people into the music and share the love, happiness and peace I’ve felt throughout my life. I looked for the title for a while and found one which can imply all of those elements – ‘Warm Energy’. The album includes 8 songs including my first work ‘The Day’ written in 2006 and took 2 years from the beginning to the end. In addition, I tried to make a quality album by recording at one of the best studio in Korea with the best recording session musicians who had participated in the tour of K-pop star ‘Rain’, ‘INFINITE’ and many more.

The music video of ‘Love’ has just released on Youtube. Do you have any special reason for choosing the song?

I love the lyrics and style of that song. Once I was writing that song, I really wanted to write a beautiful lyrics about love. And choosing the song for music video, ‘Love’ was the first song occurred to me. Indeed, ‘love is feeling’. 🙂

What’s your musical influence?

In no particular order : Queen, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, RHCP, Jamiroquai, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, U2, Lauryn Hill, Sarah McLachlan and the great artists around the world over the history.

Is there any musician, international or Korean, you would like to collaborate with?

Norah Jones, Rachael Yamagata, Jeff Bernat, Pudittorium and Ubare’s Picnic. And I hope one day I will. 🙂

What’s Smalltalk’s future plan?

For this question, I’ll take the fifth. I have couple of plans, follow my facebook or twitter and soon you’ll know. 😉

Please leave a message to our website’s readers.

Thank you sooooo much! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, thank you for listening to my music. Thank you!

Get to know more about Smalltalk here! ❤


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