Nell – Cliff Parade lyrics [Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]

Ohmy, I am imagining someone who’s standing at the edge of a cliff, feeling reckless and desperate for a fresh start 😦

Nell is so good at playing with the audiences’ emotion! ><


Nell – Cliff Parade 

입술을 벗어난 순간 이미 굳어진

Ib-sul-eul beos-eo-nan sun-gan i-mi gud-eo-jin geu mal

가난했던 진실

Ga-nan-haett-deon jin-shil

엇갈리고 뒤엉켰지. 멀고도 가까웠지

Eot-gal-li-go dwi-eong-kyeott-ji. Neul meol-go-do ga-gga-weott-ji

벗겨진 그림자

Beot-gyeo-jin geu-rim-ja

시선 머문 마다

Shi-seon meo-mun got ma-da

손길 닿는 마다

Son-gil dah-neun got ma-da

모두 사라져가네

Mo-du sa-ra-jyeo-ga-ne

Let it crash

벼랑 끝에 서있는건 새로운 희망인건지

Byeo-rang ggeut-e seo-itt-neun-geon sae-ro-un heui-mang-in-geon-ji

그냥 끝인 건지

Geu-nyang ggeut-in geon-ji

나의 구원이었고 다른 죽음이었지

Neul na-eui gu-weon-i-eott-go ddo da-reun juk-eum-i-eott-ji

뒤틀린 그림자

Dwi-teul-lin geu-rim-ja

Let it crash



The moment it departed from my lips those words became clotted
Impoverished truth,
Mingled and entwined. It was always so far away yet close
The unclad shadow
Anywhere it stares
Anywhere it touches
Everything vanishes
Let it crash
Whether if it’s a hope at the end of the cliff
Or just a just a dead end
It was my salvation and yet a different death
The twisted shadow
Let it crash



Translation: jellythecake @musictology


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