Humming Urban Stereo – Insomnia lyrics

My first Humming Urban Stereo’s song lyrics here! I am aware that this electropop group has been around for long and is very well-known ~ sadly, the ignorant me just start to listen to their song last month xP

I have a feeling that HUS will steal my heart in the same way Clazziquai did! 😉 For me, Pastel Music and Fluxus Music are the grooviest labels in the industry! ❤

and yes, when your heart is broken, surely you’ll have sleepless night…


HUS baby love


Humming Urban Stereo – Insomnia

Taking a nap all day long
There’s nobody disturbs me
But i just can’t feel free

There’s no hope there’s no despair
Only the anger remained into my heart

There’s no chance and there’s no clue
You’ve gone so faraway
I’m hiding myself from you

I hate myself who can’t stop loving you
I feel so stupid
Because i’m still in love with you

Fall over precipice but there’s
No one can rescue me
My heart has broken into pieces
I can’t love you anymore

It’s hard for me to go on my life without you
I’m suffering from insomnia
I’m dying day and day



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